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How CRC Helps State and Local Officials Defend Community Protections

CRC Protects Ecosystems, Open Space and Historic Landmarks


"If I could tell the Supreme Court one thing, it would be to read CRC's brief."
- Walter Dellinger, former Solicitor General under President Bill Clinton and Supreme Court Counsel for
Legal Foundation of Washington in Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington

More and more, developers and other landowners are attempting to use takings litigation -- or the mere threat of takings litigation -- to persuade government officials to relax or abandon land use controls and other community protections.  Developer voices are amplified by the so-called "property rights" movement, which argues for an aggressive application of the Takings Clause to curtail government regulation.   

CRC provides unique and critical help to state and local officials struggling to defend community and environmental protections in court.  CRC has thus far assisted more than a dozen state and local governments in important appellate cases, helping defend protections that promote and protect:  



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