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For Immediate Release:
July 9, 2003
Doug Kendall, Jason Rylander, 202-296-6889

Community Rights Counsel Expresses Outrage Over Votes
Confirming Victor Wolski and other Controversial Nominees to Under-worked Court

Statement of Doug Kendall, Executive Director:

The Senate breached its duty to taxpayers today by confirming four judges to a court that is already under-worked and overstaffed. A Court of Federal Claims judge hears one case for every eight on the docket of a typical federal district judge. These judges simply should not have been confirmed without Senate review of the need for more judges.

It adds insult to injury that among those confirmed today is Victor Wolski, a self-professed ideologue on the important environmental issues that dominate the CFC docket. The Wolski nomination is clear evidence that this administration is using appointments to the Court of Federal Claims to advance its anti-environmental political agenda.

Instead of considering whether new judges are needed, Senate majority leadership played every procedural trick in their arsenal to secure confirmation of Wolski and three other controversial nominees without any meaningful debate. It was a shameful performance that is certain to further polarize the judicial confirmation process.

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