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CRC News Releases


February 20, 2008
Supreme Court Rulings Deliver Double Blow to Federalism

January 30, 2008
Federal Judges Remain on Board of Corporate-Sponsored Junketing Organization as Ethics Committee Opinion Kept Secret, Senate Committee to Consider Junkets Ban


April 2, 2007
Community Rights Counsel Hails Supreme Court Ruling in Global Warming Case

March 21, 2007
Records Show U.S. Courts' Staff Slow-Walking New Junkets Reporting Rules, ExxonMobil Reaping Benefits

January 9, 2007
Bush Appellate Court Nominee Withdraws Because of
Bipartisan Environmental Opposition

November 27, 2006
Local Officials Say Plain Text of Clean Air Act Should Drive Result in
Global Warming Case

September 19, 2006
Community Rights Counsel Hails New Rules on Junkets

August 31, 2006
Local Officials From Across the Country Urge Supreme Court
to Order U.S. EPA to Reconsider Global Warming Decision

June 26, 2006
CRC Hails Supreme Court Decision to Hear Momentous Case on Global Warming

June 19, 2006
Five Justices Reaffirm Broad Congressional Authority to Protect Nation’s Waters

May 24, 2006
Tobacco and Oil Company Documents Undercut Groups’ Claims to Media, Judges and Public About Corporate Funding for Judges’ Junkets

May 15, 2006
Nation’s Municipalities and Planners Urge Supreme Court
to Hear Global Warming Case

April 28, 2006
Despite Years of Growing Outrage, Corporate Junkets for Judges
Increase by 60%

February 21, 2006
Statement of Doug Kendall Re: Rapanos v. United States

January 27, 2006
Senators Move To Stop Judicial Junkets

January 13, 2006
States Tell U.S. Supreme Court: “We Need Feds for Clean Water”

January 6, 2006
Community Rights Counsel Report: Alito Nomination Raises Fundamental Concerns about the Future of Environmental Law

October 31, 2005
Community Rights Counsel News Release:Alito, Scalia
and Access to Courts

October 27, 2005
Statement of Community Rights Counsel on the Withdrawal of the Nomination of Harriet Myers: The Krauthammer Smokescreen

October 03, 2005
Community Rights Counsel Calls for Thorough Review of Miers’ Environmental Record and Judicial Philosophy

September 29, 2005 (11:25 am)
Despite Environmental Concerns, Community Rights Counsel Does Not Oppose the Confirmation of John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States

September 15, 2005
Roberts Condemns Lobbying Of Federal Judges: Commits
to Studying Junkets Issue

September 12, 2005
Nomination to be Chief Justice Raises Ethics Stakes
In Roberts’ Nomination

September 06, 2005
The Chief Justice, Federalism, and Access to Federal Courts:
Special Role of Chief Justice Makes
Exploration of Roberts’ Views Even More Critical

September 02, 2005
Environmental Groups Express Concern Over Roberts Nomination

June 23, 2005
Supreme Court Upholds Use of Eminent Domain to Help Rescue Economically Depressed Communities

June 20, 2005
Community Rights Counsel Hails Ruling Prohibiting Wasteful Relitigation

June 6, 2005
Community Rights Counsel Welcomes Ruling in Gonzales v. Raich, Notes Favorable Implications for Environmental Safeguards

June 6, 2005
Opinion Shows Ethics Process is Broken

May 24, 2005
Community Rights Counsel Hails Supreme Court's Ruling in Lingle v. Chevron

May 5, 2005
CRC Ethics Petition Leads to First Judge Quitting Junketing Organization's Board

April 27, 2005
Community Rights Counsel Applauds Supreme Court's Vindication of Federalism in Bates v. Dow Agrosciences

April 12, 2005
New Documents, Rancher's Lawyer, Contradict 9th Circuit Nominee's Testimony

March 28, 2005
Community Rights Counsel Statement on San Remo Hotel v. San Francisco, Condemning Disrespect for State Court Rulings

February 23, 2005

February 15, 2005
Interior IG Condemns Sweetheart Deal with Repeat Offender: Investigation Raises New Questions for Ninth Circuit Nominee William Myers

July 20, 2004
Community Rights Counsel Touts Role of Environmental Issues in Defeat of the Nomination of William G. Myers to the Ninth Circuit

May 13, 2004
Judicial Ethics Watchdog Decries ABA's Proposed Weakening of Judicial Ethics Rules

April 28, 2004
Community Rights Counsel Reaction to Supreme Court Decision Undermining Important Clean Air Safeguards

April 20, 2004
Myers Post-Hearing: Still Unfit To Judge

March 22, 2004
Investigation Shows Startling, High-Stakes Judicial Junketing Conflicts

January 14, 2004
Community Rights Counsel Hails South Coast's Efforts to Protect Public Health and the Environment

December 11, 2003
Statement of Douglas T. Kendall on the DOJ's Attack on Environmental Standing

November 6, 2003
Community Rights Counsel Slams Purported Conservatives for Supporting Brown

October 15, 2003
HALT and CRC Call For More Stringent Ethical Requirements For Judges In Revised ABA Model Code

October 15, 2003
Community Rights Counsel and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington file petition in Roadless Rule Case

July 9, 2003
Statement of Douglas T. Kendall on the Confirmation of Victor Wolski to the Court of Federal Claims

April 28, 2003
Statement of Douglas T. Kendall on President Bush's judicial nominations

March 26, 2003
Community Rights Counsel Celebrates Supreme Court Victory Protecting Legal Funding For The Poor

January 27, 2003
Statement of Douglas T. Kendall on President Bush's judicial nominations

June 10, 2002
Community Rights Counsel Reacts to Supreme Court's Decision to Review IOLTA Case

April 23, 2002
Major Victory for Community Rights in Lake Tahoe Case

February 20, 2002
Documents: Judge Took Black/Bank Matter Second Time, Supporters' Defense of Troubled Nominee Undercut


July 18, 2001
Report Finds Activist Judges Are Threatening Environmental Proections, Disregarding Judicial Fairness

June 28, 2001
U.S. Supreme Court Further Muddles the Takings Clause

April 5, 2001
Hidden Camera Exposes Junkets for Judges

December 29, 2000
Gale Norton and Free Market Environmentalism: Green, Like The Color Of Money

November 24, 1999
New York Court of Appeals Upholds Open Space Zoning

September 15, 1999
Community Rights Counsel Opposes H.R. 2372

August 31, 1999
Community Rights Counsel Files Brief To Defend Local Zoning Decisions

August 11, 1999
Community Rights Counsel Files Brief To Defend Protections For Lake Tahoe

May 24, 1999
Supreme Court Rules For Developer, But Affirms Community Rights

January 1999
Community Rights Counsel Defends California Fire Safety Protections







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