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CRC In The News

CRC has been quoted in various newspapers regarding several topics. Listed below are the top news stories that CRC has been featured in. Click on any one of them to read the article.

April 4, 2008
States of Nature: How George Bush's Legal War against the Environment Backfired
--The New Republic

March 3, 2008
Federal Bench Reforms Fall Short; Proposals move ahead, then retreat.
--The National Law Journal

March 3, 2008
Judges Still Attending Private Seminars
--The National Law Journal

February 21, 2008
Supreme Court gives business 2 wins
--Los Angeles Times

February 18, 2008
Judging Federal Judges
--National Law Journal

February 14, 2008
Conflicted Appearance:
Secretive foundation entertained judges on key court

--Washington Examiner

February 10, 2008
Boggs sees nothing wrong in FREE(bie) trips, but Congress may
--Louisville Courier - Journal

February 9, 2008
Junkets for Judges: They should end, in return for higher pay
--Washington Post

January 31, 2008
Better Pay for Federal Judges
--New York Times

January 30, 2008
Judicial Seminars Derided As Junkets Under Scrutiny
--Legal Times

January 30, 2008
Judges on Industry-Backed Group's Board
--Associated Press

January 16, 2008
Senators Hope to Ban Judges from Educational Junkets
--Daily Journal

December 19,2007
Feingold, Kyl Seek to Place Restrictions on 'Junkets for Judges' in Judicial Pay Bill
--Daily Report for Executives

December 13, 2007
High Court Preemption Suit May Help States Defend Vehicle CO2 Rules
--Clean Air Report

November 26, 2007
On Seminar Circuit, a Ski Slope Doesn't Hurt
--Legal Times

September 26, 2007
Thomas's Impact on Legal Debates Exceeds High-Court Influence

September 24, 2007
The Constitution and The Environment
--The University of Missouri Current

September 23, 2007
The Dissenter
--New York Times Magazine

September 19, 2007
On The Docket: Climate Change Litigation
--Daily Report

September 17, 2007
A Clouded Initiative
--Omaho World-Herald

September 10 , 2007
In Roberts' Tenure, Peace and Love Didn't Last
--Daily Journal

April 19, 2007
Justices to ponder imperiled species
--National Law Journal

April 3, 2007
Supreme Court Rejects Bush in Global Warming Debate
--ABC News

March 23, 2007
"Watchdog: Like Oil and Water, Judge and Exxon Mobil Shouldn't Mix"
-- ABC News The Blotter

March 22, 2007
"Law Firm Accuses Judiciary Of Stalling On Disclosure Policy"
-- Daily Journal

March 21, 2007
"Federal judges slow to disclose expense-paid travel, ethics group says"
-- Associated Press

December 1, 2006
"How environmentalists can win over the Supreme Court"
-- The New Republic

November 27, 2006
"Top court to hear emissions argument
Justices to decide if greenhouse gases are air pollutants
-- The San Francisco Chronicle

November 24, 2006
"Hot Supreme Court Battle Brewing
Government and 12 States to Square Off Over Upcoming Global Warming Case"
-- ABC News Internet Ventures

November 4, 2006
"No Pass for Developers" -- Washington Post

October 29, 2006
"Porn shops, property wrongs and Prop. 90" -- San Gabriel Valley Tribune

June 27, 2006
"Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Patent and Clean Air Act Cases" -- Legal Times

June 20, 2006
"Court Leaves Wetlands In Bog of Plurality" -- Daily Journal

June 20, 2006
"Justices wade into Clean Water Act
High court sets some limits on federal control of wetlands
" -- San Francisco Chronicle

June 20, 2006
"Supreme Court Justices Show Support for Wetlands Protection" -- Los Angeles Times

June 20, 2006
"Supreme Court Affirms Wetlands Protections" -- AP

June 05, 2006
"Storm Warning " -- Legal Times

June 01, 2006
"Who pays for FREE?" -- Missoula Independent

May 24, 2006
"Getting the judges' ear on the taxpayers' dime" -- Detroit Free Press

May 15, 2006
"CLIMATE: Groups file briefs in support of auto emissions lawsuit" -- Greenwire

May 09, 2006
"Area judge ranked 4th in free trips" -- Houston Chronicle

May 08, 2006
"Few New Jersey Federal Judges Go on Paid Junkets, Study Finds" -- New Jersey Law Journal

May 05, 2006
"Conflict puts vote on Boyle in doubt" -- News & Observer

May 05, 2006
"Democrats opposed to Boyle" -- AP

May 01, 2006
"Watchdog catalogs judge junkets" -- Daily Business Review

May 01, 2006
"Controversial Bush judge broke ethics law" --

April 28, 2006
"2 Lawmakers Call for Judiciary Watchdog " -- Associated Press

April 28, 2006
"CRC Report Says Increased Amount of 'Junkets for Judges'" -- Legal Times

April 19, 2006
"Judge violated ethics Daughtrey says conflict in case not deliberate" -- Tennessean

April 18, 2006
"Ethics Lapses by Federal Judges Persist, Review Finds" -- Washington Post

April 05, 2006
"Two-houses-per-acre rule opened door for developers, but it's not up for revision" -- The News Journal

February 21, 2006
"Supreme Court Hears Challenges to Clean Water Act" -- NPR

February 19, 2006
"Reach of Clean Water Act Is at Issue in 2 Supreme Court Cases This Week" -- New York Times

February 08, 2006
"Justice Alito's Green Day" -- Legal Times

February 01, 2006
"Junketing Judges" -- The Ledger

January 30, 2006
"Political Spotlight Shines on Judicial Ethics" -- Legal Times

January 28, 2006
"Senators Pitch Limiting Judges' Free Trips" -- AP

January 23, 2006
"Supreme Ethics Problem?" -- ABC News

December 14, 2005
"Green Groups Mobilize Against Alito" -- Wall Street Journal

December 11, 2005
"Lawmakers take aim at eminent domain" -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

November 25, 2005
"Court nominee deals with ethics criticism" -- Associated Press

November 07, 2005
"Bracing — Finally — for the Battle Royal " -- Legal Times

November 02, 2005
"Alito's telling dissent in machine gun case
He sought to limit reach of Congress
" -- San Francisco Chronicle

November 01, 2005
"The Sum of Alito Fears" -- Grist Magazine

October 31, 2005
"Many of Alito's rulings have been at odds with Supreme Court" -- Knight Ridder Newspapers

October 22, 2005
"Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case" -- Knight Ridder Newspapers

October 12, 2005
"U.S. Supreme Court wades into Michigan dispute over wetlands" -- Post-Gazette National Bureau

August 15, 2005
"Environmentalists Uncertain on Roberts" -- The Wall Street Journal

August 8, 2005
"States vs. The Feds: All Eyes On Roberts" -- Business Weekly

August 1, 2005
"Supreme Court nominee's vote in toad case is dissected for legal views" -- The Associated Press

July 28, 2005
"Preventing conflicts of interest" -- The Washington Times

July 27, 2005
"Analysis: Roberts' arguments before high court elicitng attention" -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

July 24, 2005
"Roberts' approach: Judicial restraint" -- Knight Ridder News Service

July 24, 2005
"What Makes Roberts Different" -- The Washington Post

July 21, 2005
"Masters of Eminent Domain" -- American Prospect Online Edition

July 18, 2005
"Stop Judges Tripping on Corporate Dollar" -- Legal Times

July 5, 2005
"In The Balance" -- The New Republic Online

To view (in PDF format) five poster boards that highlight our most significant achievements, click here.

June 30, 2005
"Prospective Supreme Court Vacancy Could Spell Environmental Disaster" -- BushGreenwatch

June 21, 2005
"Court Blocks San Francisco Hotel Owners' Takings Lawsuit" -- Los Angeles Daily Journal

June 21, 2005
"Supreme Court Upholds Local Regulations on Private Property" -- Los Angeles Times

June 15, 2005
"Despite 'vindication,' judges shouldn't let advocacy groups pamper them" -- Louisville Courier-Journal

June 7, 2005
"States can't shield patients from U.S. law" -- San Francisco Chronicle

June 7, 2005
"If Republicans Look at Her Record, They Will Vote Brown Down" -- Roll Call

June 3, 2005
"Environmental codes frustrate landless tribes" -- Indian Country Today

June 1, 2005
"High Court's Takings Decision Marks Restoration of Logic" -- Los Angeles Daily Journal

May 26, 2005
"Bush's Anti-Environmental Judicial Nominees Not Off the Hook" -- Environmental News Service

May 25, 2005
"Senate Deal on Judges May Help Environment" -- BushGreenwatch

May 15, 2005
"Judge Roth Quits Foundation's Board" -- The News Journal

May 11, 2005
"And then there was one: Boggs remains on advocacy group's board" -- The Courier-Journal

May 7, 2005
"Judges to Leave Environmental Group's Board" -- Washington Post

May 7, 2005
"Judges resign from FREE board" -- Bozeman Daily Chronicle

May 6, 2005
"Judge Ends Ethics Case By Leaving Foundation" -- Washington Post

May 2, 2005
"Does the President Agree With This Nominee?" -- National Journal

April 17, 2005
"The Unregulated Offensive" -- New York Times Magazine

April 13, 2005
"Advocacy groups, attorney charge Myers with misleading Senate" -- Environment & Energy Daily

April 13, 2005
"Rancher alleges former solicitor played role in grazing deal" -- Greenwire

April 13, 2005
"Judicial Nominee Under Scrutiny" -- Los Angeles Times

April 7, 2005
"Grazin' Hell" -- Denver Westword

March 28, 2005
"High Court Must End Developers' Relitigation Campaign" (PDF) -- San Francisco Daily Journal

February 22, 2005
"Supreme Court to consider government's powers of eminent domain" -- Knight Ridder

February 22, 2005
"Cases Lift Hopes for Property Rights" -- Los Angeles Times

February 22, 2005
"Give Eminent Domain A Chance" (PDF) -- Los Angeles Daily Journal

February 21, 2005
"Saving a City: Supreme Court Should Bless Use of Eminent Domain to Build Local Economy" (PDF) -- Legal Times

February 16, 2005
"Reid says Democrats will filibuster judicial nominees again" -- Environment & Energy News

February 16, 2005
"Report Fuels Questions About Judicial Nominee" -- Los Angeles Times

February 16, 2005
"Judicial Nominee Criticized" -- Washington Post

January 2005
"The Washington Offensive" -- Governing Magazine

December 26, 2004
"Rules for Judges" -- The Charlotte Observer

December 23, 2004
"Judicial ethics questioned" -- News & Observer

December 20, 2004
"Republican Court in Name Only?" -- Legal Times

December 20, 2004
"Senator Questions New Rules OKing More 'Judicial Junkets'" -- Los Angeles Daily Journal

December 17, 2004
"Federal Judges Revise Advisory Memo on Junkets" -- All Things Considered, NPR

December 17, 2004
"Upholding Medi-Pot Measure Would Undercut Civil Rights Laws" --Los Angeles Daily Journal

December 17, 2004
"New Rules For Judges Are Weaker, Critics Say; Guidelines Address Sponsored Trips" -- The Washington Post

December 17, 2004
"Change of ethics guidelines for federal judges criticized" -- USA Today

December 8, 2004
"The Supreme Court Should Listen To The States' Desire For Federal Regulation"-- American Constitution Society Weblog

December 3, 2004
"Judge had 2 roles in Finneran case" -- The Boston Globe

November 29, 2004
"Court to Hear Marijuana Case"-- The Washington Post

November 29, 2004
"Can a State Allow Medical Marijuana?" (PDF) -- Legal Times

A counterpoint piece with opposing views:
Can a State Allow Medical Marijuana? Yes. (PDF)
Julie M. Carpenter, Legal Times (November 29, 2004)

November 28, 2004
"Medical Marijuana Before Supreme Court"-- San Francisco Chronicle

November 26, 2004
"States Voice Concern Over Preemption of Environment Rules"-- InsideEPA

November 21, 2004
"Building Boom Put Squeeze on Oldest House" -- The Miami Herald

November 13, 2004
"Ouch! You're Hurting Us" -- The Washington Post (this piece also ran in the November 28, 2004 edition of Deseret Morning News)

October 14, 2004
"A Big Question About Clarence Thomas" -- The Washington Post (this piece also ran in the Dodge City Daily Globe on Oct. 15, 2004, the Star Tribune on Oct. 17, 2004, the Kansas City Star on Oct. 17, 2004, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Oct. 31, 2004, and the Miami Herald on Nov. 6, 2004.)

October 13, 2004
"Second Private-Property Case Accepted by Supreme Court" -- New York Times

October 13, 2004
"Supreme Court agrees to review Hawaii case over gasoline limits" -- Associated Press

October 8, 2004
"Lawyer Group Raising Bar on Gifts to Judges" -- Los Angeles Times

October 7, 2004
"ABA Panel Proposes Changes in Gift Rules for Judges" -- Associated Press

September 27, 2004
"Eminent Domain is Critical to Urban Revitalization" -- American Constitution Society for Law and Policy Blog

September 21, 2004
Junkets for Judges
"ABA panel plans revised rules on gifts to judges" -- Associated Press

September 8, 2004
Lingle v. Chevron
"Lochner Lives" -- Los Angeles Daily Journal

August 15, 2004
Public records, private lives
"Kobe Bryant's Accuser, Internet Victim" -- New York Times

August 13, 2004
What to do about bad federal judges
"Thoughts on the Law Addressing Bad Federal Judges" -- FindLaw's Writ

August 11, 2004
Disclosing conflicts of interest
"Why Should Judges Not Disclose Conflicts of Interest?" -- USA Today

August 9, 2004
Recusal motions as means of addressing ethics concerns
"When Judges Behave Badly" -- Legal Times

August 7, 2004
ABA considers new ethics rules
"Proposal would bar judges from groups with anti-gay bias" -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch print of AP - similar piece also ran in South Florida Sun-Sentinel

August 5, 2004
GAO withholding judges' information on disclosure forms
"U.S. Judges Getting Disclosure Data Deleted" -- The Washington Post

July 29, 2004
Judicial nominee William Myers blocked
"Senators blast Bush environmental record preceding judicial vote" -- Inside EPA Clean Air Report

July 21, 2004
Judicial nominee William Myers blocked
"Democrats rally to block Myers' cloture motion, 53-44" -- Greenwire

July 14, 2004
Senator John Kerry on judicial junkets
"Kerry Has Pressed A Long Campaign To Rein In Judges" -- The New York Sun

July 1, 2004
Rose Acre Farms., Inc. v. United States
"Appeals court rules against Rose Acres" -- The Tribune

June 30, 2004
Rose Acre Farms, Inc. v. United States
"Federal appeals court throws out $6.1 million judgment for egg producer" -- Associated Press

May 4, 2004
Coast Range Conifers
"Ruling threatens local land-use powers" -- News-Register

April 24, 2004
Tainted Justice
"Golf Anyone? The Movable Feast Called 'Judicial Education'" -- The New York Times

April 24, 2004
Justice Scalia conflict of interest over Cheney Energy Task Force
"Politics, not law, at heart of Cheney disclosure case" -- The Star-Ledger

April 8, 2004
Judicial Nominee William Myers
"Senate Panel Clears Myers, Floor Fight to Focus on Environment" --

March 24, 2004
Friends of Federalism
"Are Supreme Court's 'Friends of Federalism' True Blue?" -- Los Angeles Daily Journal

March 24, 2004
Senator Feinstein Opposes Myers
"Feinstein Opposes Nominee" -- Los Angeles Times

March 21, 2004
Judicial conflict of interest
"Clashing Opinions on Justices' Recusals" -- Los Angeles Times

March 8, 2004
Judicial Nominee William Myers
"Interior Attorney Pushed Land Deal" -- Los Angeles Times

February 16, 2004
Stacking the Courts
"Tipping the Scales" - High Country News

February 5, 2004
Judicial Nominee William Myers
"Groups Fight Nominee for 9th Circuit" -- Los Angeles Times

January 4, 2004
Judicial Nominee William J. Haynes II
"Opponents Assail Court Nominee" -- The Richmond Times-Dispatch

January-February 2004
Bush's Court-Packing
"The Bush Administration Packs the Courts with Anti-Environmental Judges" -- E Magazine

December 18, 2003
Judicial Nominee's Argument is For the Birds
"Bush Judicial Nominee: Bombing Birds Benefits Birdwatchers" -- BushGreenWatch

November 3, 2003
Public Disclosure on Judicial Disclosure Forms
"Public Disclosure Law Has Big Gap" -- LA Daily Journal

November 3, 2003
Janice Rogers Brown and Judicial Junkets
"Education of a Judge" -- LA Daily Journal

October 23, 2003
Nomination of Janice Rogers Brown to the D.C. Circuit
"D.C. Circuit Nominee Questioned on Property Rights Statement" -- Greenwire

October 2, 2003
Nomination of Charles Pickering to the 5th Circuit
"Key Panel Expected To Approve Pickering" -- The Clarion-Ledger

September 19, 2003
Janice Rogers Brown op-ed
"Judicial Throwback" -- Washington Post

August 25, 2003
Judges not accountable for conflicts of interest?
"Decertifying Accountability" -- Washington Post

August 6, 2003
For a comprehensive list of media coverage regarding the ethics complaint recently filed by CRC about a Wyoming judge who struck down the Roadless Rule, click here.

July 24, 2003
Bill Pryor Advances to Senate Floor
"Senate Advances Controversial Court Nominee" -- Greenwire

July 10, 2003
Victor Wolski Confirmed to U.S. Court of Federal Claims
"Senate Approves Appointee to Federal Claims Bench" -- Greenwire

June 23, 2003
Can Pesticide Manufacturers Be Held Liable for Damage?
"Does U.S. Trump States in Pesticide Cases?" (PDF) -- Legal Times (for text version, click here)

June 9, 2003
The Speculation of a Supreme Court Retirement
"Left and Right, Activists Gird For Court Fight" (PDF) -- Legal Times (for text version, click here)

June 6, 2003
Steven Griles, Top Deputy at the Interior Department
"Interior's No. 2 Dogged by Ethics Issues" -- Denver Post

April 30, 2003
The confirmation of Jeffrey Sutton to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
"Sutton Wins Bruising Confirmation Fight" -- The Columbus Dispatch

March 31, 2003
Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington
"Victory for IOLTA Programs at Supreme Court" -- The Legal Times of Washington

March 1, 2003
The Importance of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia
"Circuit Breaker" -- The American Prospect

December 30, 2002
Ohio Supreme Court Mining Case
"Court Ruling in Ohio Mining Case Could Prove Costly" -- The Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 2, 2002
Junkets for Judges
"Leading With The Right" -- Los Angeles Daily Journal

December 2, 2002
Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts
"Escrow Fight: Is It Principle Or Politics?" -- Legal Times

September 9, 2002
Senator Hatch and Judicial Nominees
"Environmentalists say Hatch trying to load courts" -- USA Today

June 11, 2002
Junkets for Judges
"No Corporate Junkets for Judges" -- The Washington Post

June 9, 2002
Glenn Heights, TX
"Who's Knows What's Best for This Land?" -- Dallas Morning News

May 24, 2002
Judicial Nominee D. Brooks Smith
"Court Choice Cleared With Democrats' Help" -- The Washington Post

April 26, 2002
Protecting Lake Tahoe
"Ruling Won't End Fights on Growth" -- The Washington Post

April 24, 2002
Protecting Lake Tahoe
"Justices Weaken Movement Backing Property Rights" -- The New York Times


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