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Palazzolo was not a land-use victim

Timothy J. Dowling, Washington, D.C.; Chief Counsel for the Community Rights Counsel, was counsel for amici planners and local officials in Palazzolo
The National Law Journal, April 16, 2001

In your March 20 issue, Marcia Coyle portrays Anthony Palazzolo as just another landowner who wants to make reasonable use of his property.  The trial court found, however, that Mr. Palazzolo's proposed development would be a nuisance because it would threaten drinking water supplies and reduce commercial and recreational fish populations.

No one else has been allowed to destroy the ecologically vital wetlands surrounding Winnapaug Pond on such a massive scale.  Mr. Palazzolo seeks preferential treatment at the expense of the public good.  There undoubtedly are cases in which landowners become unfairly entangled in the land use process and subsequent litigation.  This isn't one of them.  The real story is not the cost of litigation to a landowner with a reasonable claim against the government, but the cost imposed on the citizens of Rhode Island and the courts by the relentless pursuit of a baseless claim.

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