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Lead Story Archive

Listed below are the past lead stories that have been posted on our web site. Just click on any title to read the full story.


CRC and Seven Other National Organizations Urge Senators to Support a Ban on Junkets for Judges

Supreme Court Rulings Deliver Double Blow to Federalism

Federal Judges Remain on Board of Corporate-Sponsored Junketing Organization as Ethics Committee Opinion Kept Secret, Senate Committee to Consider Junkets Ban


Community Rights Counsel Hails Supreme Court Ruling in Global Warming Case

Records Show U.S. Courts' Staff Slow-Walking New Junkets Reporting Rules, ExxonMobil Reaping Benefits

Bush Appellate Court Nominee Withdraws Because of
Bipartisan Environmental Opposition


Local Officials Say Plain Text of Clean Air Act Should Drive Result in
Global Warming Case

Community Rights Counsel Hails New Rules on Junkets

Local Officials From Across the Country Urge Supreme Court
to Order U.S. EPA to Reconsider Global Warming Decision

CRC Hails Supreme Court Decision to Hear Momentous Case on Global Warming

Five Justices Reaffirm Broad Congressional Authority to Protect Nation’s Waters

Rapanos in Pictures

Tobacco and Oil Company Documents Undercut Groups’ Claims to Media, Judges and Public About Corporate Funding for Judges’ Junkets

Despite Years of Growing Outrage, Corporate Junkets for Judges
Increase by 60%

Statement of Doug Kendall Re: Rapanos v. United States

Senators Move To Stop Judicial Junkets

Community Rights Counsel Report: Alito Nomination Raises Fundamental Concerns about the Future of Environmental Law

Community Rights Counsel News Release:Alito, Scalia
and Access to Courts

Community Rights Counsel Calls for Thorough Review of Miers’ Environmental Record and Judicial Philosophy

Statement of Community Rights Counsel on the Withdrawal of the Nomination of Harriet Myers: The Krauthammer Smokescreen

Despite Environmental Concerns, Community Rights Counsel Does Not Oppose the Confirmation of John Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States

What Makes Roberts Different

Supreme Court Upholds Use of Eminent Domain to Help Economically Depressed Communities

Community Rights Counsel Welcomes Ruling in Gonzales v. Raich, Notes Favorable Implications for Environmental Safeguards

Opinion Shows Ethics Process is Broken

Community Rights Counsel Hails Supreme Court's Ruling in Lingle v. Chevron

Three Federal Judges Leave Junkets Board in Response to CRC Ethics Petitions

CRC Ethics Petition Leads to First Judge Quitting Junketing Organization's Board

New Documents, Rancher's Lawyer, Contradict 9th Circuit Nominee's Testimony

Learning to Love the Bomb

Interior IG Condemns Sweetheart Deal with Repeat Offender

Committee on Codes of Conduct Weakens Rules on Judicial Junkets
Committee rewrites ethics rules on junkets

Redefining Federalism
   - Listening to the States in Shaping "Our Federalism"

A Big Question about Clarence Thomas
   - Clarence Thomas and stare decisis

Michigan Supreme Court Overturns Poletown
   - County of Wayne v. Hathcock

CRC Files Fourth Ethics Petition against Judge on FREE Board
    - Judge Andre Davis should step down from FREE's Board

Community Rights Counsel Touts Role of Environmental Issues in Defeat of the Nomination of William G. Myers to the Ninth Circuit
William Myers, nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Judicial Ethics Watchdog Decries ABA's Proposed Weakening of Judicial Ethics Rules
   - Judicial "honor" no longer required under new code

ABA Considering Weakening Model Code of Judicial Conduct
   - Weakening the Model Code of Judicial Conduct

Myers Caught in Attempt to Give Away Public Lands
    - Judicial nominee William Myers

Protecting Public Health and the Environment
   - Engine Manufacturers Associations and Western States Petroleum Association v. South Coast Air Quality      Management District

Ohio Supreme Court Trashes Parcel-as-a-Whole Rule
   - State ex rel. R.T.G., Inc. v. State, No. 01-748 (Ohio, Dec. 18, 2002)

Janice Rogers Brown and the Environment
    - A Dangerous Choice for a Critical Court

Community Rights Counsel Slams Purported Conservatives for Supporting Brown
    - Janice Rogers Brown, nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

Judicial Nominee's Arguments Is For The Birds
    - William Haynes II, nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

Janice Rogers Brown and Lochner
   - Janice Rogers Brown, nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

Decertifying Accountability
    - Judiciary removes portion of disclosure forms certification where judges certify they did not break ethical rule

Self-Described Ideologue Confirmed to Court of Federal Claims
   - Victor Wolski, confirmed 53-43

Linking Judicial Junkets with Judicial Pay
    - Bill linking ban on judicial junkets to judicial pay raise

The Fair and Independent Judiciary Act of 2003
   - Senators Leahy and Kerry introduce legislation linking judicial junkets with judicial pay

Supreme Court IOLTA Victory Protects Legal Funding For The Poor
   - Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington

McQueen v. South Carolina Coastal Council
South Carolina Supreme Court hears arguments

A New Victory for Lake Tahoe
    - Court Rejects Another Challenge to Regional Protections

New York Pine Barrens
    - Protection Reaffirmed in the Second Circuit

The Real Story on the Marine Forests Society and Its Attack on The California Coastal Commission
   - Society brings lawsuit before California Supreme Court

Estrada Nomination Roils U.S. Senate
   - Miguel Estrada, nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

Sixth Circuit Nominee Jeffrey S. Sutton
   - A Threat to the Constitution and Fundamental Environmental Protections

States' Rights vs. Civil Rights
   - Nevada Department of Human Resources v. Hibbs, No. 01-1368

Court Lets Stand Ruling Protecting Wetlands
   - Borden Ranch v. U.S.

Bush Renominates Environmentally Hostile Judges
   - Victor Wolski, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and Jeffrey Sutton, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

Supreme Court Debates Takings/IOLTA Funding
   - Washington Legal Foundation v. Legal Foundation of Washington

A Constitutional Right To Cigarette Secrecy?
   - Ruling reverses Philip Morris , Inc. v. Reilly, 2001 WL 1215365 (1st. Cir. 2001)

The Devious Dog in the Manger
   - The Truth about IOLTA Programs

Nevada County Measures D Suffers a Ringing Defeat
   - Measure would have allowed property owners to seek compensation when protections had negative impact on      their property's value























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