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Takings Litigation Handbook:

Defending Takings Challenges to Land Use Regulations
Douglas Kendall, Timothy Dowling, and Andrew Schwartz, May 2000

Advance Praise

The authors have rendered a tremendous service in preparing this Takings Litigation Handbook. They have taken the often Delphic pronouncements of the courts and translated them into plain language, practical tips, and useful tools for litigation. If a takings complaint lands on your desk, or if your client agency faces the threat of a takings lawsuit, read this Handbook. It might well be one of the best investments you ever make.

Henry Underhill

Executive Director, International Municipal Lawyers Association

This work is too modestly identified as a "handbook." It is far more - a definitive guide to judges and practicing attorneys in this most complex of arenas. The Takings Litigation Handbook is deftly and brilliantly organized to bring new insight to state and local government officials and scholars. Its presence will help to bring new order to the field.

Robert H. Freilich
Partner, Freilich, Leitner & Carlisle, Kansas City, MO

The Handbook will provide government attorneys and others with a deeper understanding of the issues, the current state of the law, and the historical progression of takings jurisprudence. It will be an essential component in the library of every serious municipal attorney.

William J. Kearns, Jr.
Municipal Attorney, Willingboro, NJ
President, International Municipal Lawyers Association

The Handbook does an outstanding job of providing government lawyers with the analytical framework and strategic planning necessary for defending government agencies against regulatory takings claims. This publication will be enormously helpful to government attorneys. It should lead to better government planning in the first instance, which is ultimately every government agency's best defense to takings litigation.

Richard J. Lazarus
Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
Supreme Court Counsel in Lucas, Dolan, and Suitum

In the sea of writing about takings law, here is a unique and uniquely useful book. At last we have a practical guide for government attorneys defending takings cases, rich in practical litigation advice, yet sacrificing nothing of careful analysis of the cases.

Joseph L. Sax
Professor of Law, University of California (Berkeley)

The book is not given to drawing room conversations, speculating on the latest theories of takings, but is written for the public attorney who faces the inflated expectations of those property owners who believe governments must pay to regulate. Whether used to defend a lawsuit or understand the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment, the Takings Litigation Handbook is required reading for the public lawyer.

Edward J. Sullivan
Partner, Preston Gates & Ellis, LLP, Portland, OR



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