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CRC In The News:
Brimmer Media

Community Rights Counsel was featured in many stories regarding the ethics complaint against Judge Clarence Brimmer. Click on the links below to read the full stories.

Associated Press, August 5, 2003
"Activists Accuse Forest Case Judge"

Bellingham Herald, August 21, 2003
"Judge should know better"

Casper Star-Tribune, August 9, 2003
"Brimmer 'roadless' conflict alleged"

Denver Post, August 6, 2003
"Forest case draws ethics challenge"

Greenwire, October 16, 2003
"Enviros appeal ethics ruling in roadless case"

Greenwire, September 15, 2003
"Feds will not appeal ruling striking down roadless rule"

Greenwire, August 6, 2003
"Judge in roadless rule had financial stake, groups say"

Los Angeles Times, August 6, 2003
"Judge in Roadless Ruling is Accused of Violating Ethics Laws"

Sarasota Herald Tribune, August 9, 2003
"'Roadless' tested: Appeals court should rule in favor of national forests", August 7, 2003
"Conflict On The Federal Bench"

USA Today, August 6, 2003
"Judge in forest case faces ethics complaint"

Washington Post, August 6, 2003
"Judge Is Accused Of Stake In Ruling"

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