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How CRC Helps State and Local Officials Defend Community Protections



Developers and other landowners are attempting to use takings litigation -- or the mere threat of takings litigation -- to persuade state and local officials to relax or abandon land use controls and other community protections.  Takings challenges can be complex and expensive, often overwhelming the limited legal resources available to small communities.  In addition to actually representing these communities in court (click here for information on CRC's cases). CRC's reaches communities around the country by publishing guidebooks, how-to articles, and newsletters and hosting workshops for government officials.   

The flagship of these efforts is CRC's Takings Litigation Handbook, a 404-page manual for local officials produced by CRC in cooperation with Andrew Schwartz of the California Community Land Use Project.  The Handbook is the first-ever “soup to nuts” guide for state and local government attorneys in defending environmental regulations in court.  It was published by American Legal Publishing, Inc. in May 2000 to rave reviews.  Nearly 1,000 handbooks have already been sold.  For more about the Handbook, click here.                      

CRC also uses the Handbook as the text for a series of intensive workshops for government attorneys.  CRC workshops in 5 states have attracted over 200 government attorneys.  For more about CRC's workshops and presentations, click here.   




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