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Judging the Environment Project:
William Myers

Interior IG Condemns Sweetheart Deal with Repeat Offender:
Investigation Raises New Questions for Ninth Circuit Nominee William Myers

On February 22, 2005, the Department of Interior's Inspector General released a report containing a scathing indictment of the operations at the Office of Solicitor while William Myers was the head. After a two-year investigation into an outrageous settlement that gave a politically-connected Wyoming rancher named Frank Robbins virtually carte blanche authority to violate federal grazing laws, the DOI's Inspector General Earl E. Devaney placed blame squarely upon the Office of Solicitor.

As Inspector General Devaney said in a summary of the report, Myers' office "circumvented" normal negotiation processes, shut the BLM out of the negotiations, ignored concerns raised by the U.S. Department of Justice, engaged in "an inappropriate level of programmatic involvement" and presided over a negotiation and agreement process that suffered from a "profound lack of transparency." As Devaney understates it in his letter: "the interests of BLM and those of individual BLM employees were not adequately protected by the terms of the settlement agreement."

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2. February 22, 2005 full report by Inspector General Devaney
3. February 10, 2005 IG summary letter
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5. Background information on the Robbins' settlement.
6. For media coverage from February 16, 2005, please click on the relevant outlet -- Casper Star-Tribune,     Environment & Energy News, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post.

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