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The Senate and the 'Nuclear Option'

In early 2005, then-Majority Leader Bill Frist suggested changing Senate rules without the traditionally required two-thirds majority in order to secure the confirmation of President Bush’s most extreme judicial nominees. This move was dubbed “The Nuclear Option” because it would be a radical step that would have enormous, long-lasting consequences for the Senate and for the makeup of the federal bench.

For an op-ed by CRC’s Doug Kendall and Jennifer Bradley analyzing the unexpected political fallout of the nuclear option, click here.

The op-ed inspired the cartoon to the right, and was echoed in a piece by Sen. Ted Kennedy, available here (subscribers only).

For other articles and commentary about the nuclear option, click here.

For a collection of cartoons against the nuclear options, click here (PDF file).

To view the most recent editorial cartoons from May 2005, click here (PDF file).

Click on the cartoon to view a larger version in PDF.








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